The 5 Pillars of Attracting More Money In Your Life

Thinking of moneyUntil now, I have watch ever-green “The Secret” Movie for 5 Times. Yes!! I have watched the movie 5 times and one thing that really amazes me every time in this movie is

“All the money in the world is controlled by just 5 percent population”

This phrase really pushes me to search more about this and I always keep on asking myself how this is possible. I asked this same question from Sandy Gilad (the author of The Instant Switch) and she answered me…

…Not only all the money in the world is controlled by 5 percent population but if all money is put into giant pool and divide equally everyone then still within 5 years all the money will be back to the same 5 percent population


Because these 5 percent population have something that rest of 95 percent population don’t and that is…

The knowledge to convert any money into exceptional wealth.

Can’t we have this knowledge?

Yes!! We can, in fact, everyone is able to have this knowledge and all he has to do is reprogram his MIND (This is where all money ideas born).

This short conversation lead me to research more about this knowledge and, for this reason, I start reading interviews and researches of self-made millionaires and wealthy people and in the end, I came up with the conclusion that this knowledge is coming down to 5 key things that I like to call ‘5 Pillars of Attraction Money’

Do you want to become a millionaire? Do you want to become wealthy?

Good… Here is the first pillar of attraction money in your life.

Pillar #1 — Transforming Mind Into Money Magnet:

Do you know the biggest asset in your life?

It’s not car…And it is not the house

The truth is that your biggest asset is your MIND. You can re-program your mind and it can attract enormous wealth for you. It is a mind that creates a 7-figure before it hits their bank account.

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Nothing will work for you until and unless you create millionaire mindset. Once you have ultimate millionaire mindset you can achieve any goal in your mind and it doesn’t matter if you are currently on your ‘average’ job. It needs no money to transform your mind into wealth attracting magnet.

Pillar #2 – Wealth Attracting Relationship:

money falling in the skyDo you know your success is very much related to the relationship you make with other people?

In fact, in my research, I discover all self-made millionaires don’t get success in their life alone and there is one or more inspiring mentor, family, friends and even customers that motivate them to achieve success.

With just one good relationship you can literally double your income. And with the number of successful, talent and, supportive friends you can actually become an unstoppable force of wealth magnet.

Pillar #3 – Create Passive Income

Now this is a very important pillar for success.

Let me tell you one thing straight… 99% millionaire don’t get success by working a9-5 job. If you are stuck in the9-5 job then don’t expect to become a millionaire. The income you are getting from your employer will never make your millionaire.

IF you have to become a millionaire and attract more money then you have to create sources that generate passive income for you. You have to invest in those assets that help you generate income while you sleep.

In internet marketing world the success is determined by the money marketer makes on autopilot. Just think how it feels when your bank account keeps on going UP while you sleeping or playing games with your friends.

In almost every interview I read or listen from self-made millionaires they talk about passive income.

As David Bailey rightly said, “To get rich, you have to be making money while you sleep.”

Pillar #4 – Becoming A Seller

Millionaire brainIf you research on the lives of millionaires you will find somehow they are connected with the idea of selling. Even if you are not interested in selling then still you are going to sell something in the future to your potential clients either in the form of selling your service, selling your business idea, selling your product, selling real-estate property etc.

Don’t scare from the word ‘SELL’ as you can’t leave it if you want to survive in this world and want to become a millionaire.

Instead of running from this ‘SELLING’ word you have to love it and you have to polish your selling skill.

Pillar #5 – Maximizing The Money and Minimize The Time:

Do you want to know what separate successful people from unsuccessful people?

Successful people value their time but unsuccessful people value their money. Warren Buffet rightly said,

“The Rich Invest In Time, The Poor Invest In Money”

It doesn’t matter either your ultimate goal is to achieve financial freedom or you want to spend some more time with your friends and family or you want to spend some time in relaxing freely at the beach you can’t achieve any of these goals until you start valuing your time.


Ok, I have revealed all 5 pillars of success that I discovered by researching on the lives of wealthy people and millionaire. However, you can’t achieve success with these principles until you apply them in your life.

That’s why I recommend you don’t close down this page instead, write down these on a piece of paper and give a try in applying these principles in your life. I promise you are going to feel a lot better.

Use these success pillars in your life and let me know your experience with them by commenting below. Free feel to share this piece of content with your friends and family members.