Your Beliefs – Your Success Depends On Them

successBeliefs are the concepts that create your experience. Your beliefs are either made up of your own or you received them from someone else. Beliefs are build-in function of your consciousness. They are powerful enough that can change your view on your life. The belief I am going to talk about in this page is nothing to do with the belief that is available in religious books.

Beliefs are powerful enough to change collective consciousness of whole nation or planet.

In this post I am going to talk about the purpose of belief, how you can take benefit from your belief and 10 limiting beliefs that stopping you from getting rich.

Ok, let’s start

What is the Purpose of Belief?

The main and sole purpose of belief is to create experience. Yes, your experience is created by your beliefs. Beliefs are basically concept that your brain assume but don’t know them as concrete fact. You can’t tell about something for sure when you experienced it. Everything else is the concept that is based on knowledge you receive. Our life is full of belief.

There are two ways you can live your life. The first one is, observe the nature and create belief around it. This is base on knowledge that we get from different people, school and parents. This type of belief is most prevalent in many people life. The main problem of this type of belief is it makes us think that someone else is the responsible for our life. Additionally, this type of belief makes us think we can’t change anything in our life.

The other way to live life is you decide what you have to belief and then find evidence in nature. This is how self-made millionaires made to their riches. This type of belief may sound strange to you but it is not. And it may possible you have already shifted your consciousness and start thinking this way.

Benefit of Thinking This New Way:

beliefWhen you create your own belief then you will become responsible for your own life. It doesn’t matter if you are happy or unhappy from your life. Your current situation is because of belief you have in past in your subconscious mind.

Another benefit of thinking this new way is you become believing that you can change your life by controlling your beliefs and concepts around them. This is really powerful because you start living happier life when you become master of your belief. By controlling your belief you will create new energy pattern in your mind that acts as a blueprint for what you experience in your life.

For instance,

You are at your home and your doorbell rings. You open the door and find a man you don’t know before start telling his story about how he lost his home and his job and don’t have any money to survive. He asks you if you have few dollars to help him.

During the conversation your mind has probably process lots of information. On bases of this information your mind looks into his memory bank and tries to find related experience. Your mind will try to find all stories related to money. Then it will observe the man and categorize the whole situation.

  • Is this man trustworthy?
  • Do I want to give him money?
  • How much money I would give him?
  • Is he telling true?

Finally your brain will make up your mind and you have to make a CHOICE. You will simply react to the situation and let your mind know what to do on base of previous experience you had. Remember, at this time you don’t have any evidence but you take act on basis of your previous experience.

10 Limiting Belief That Prevent You From Getting Rich:

Money generates many limiting belief in your subconscious mind and you don’t know about it. It probably happens once in your lifetime when you think why some people are more successful with money than you. Then you start thinking about the reasons and probably come up with many answers. Do these limiting belief sound familiar to you?

  • They are luckier than me
  • They are born in rich family
  • They’ve high quality education than me
  • They are white that why they have more opportunities
  • They’ve money to start new business
  • They’ve money to invest in real estate
  • They’re smarter than me
  • They’re younger than me
  • They work harder than me
  • They look better than me

The list may continue to several pages because money generates many limiting belief, followed by relationship. There is seminar lead by Thomas Herold in which he investigated people’s belief about money. Within just 30 seconds he came up with over 3 pages of limiting belief.

From Where These Limiting Beliefs Come Into Your Mind:

You may not know but these limiting beliefs are the exact blueprint of your reality. If you have control on your belief then will you create any of these limiting beliefs? Absolutely NOT!!

These limiting beliefs are negative and they hold you where you are now. They stop you from making any progress at all.

Why You Get These Limiting Beliefs?

You may be thinking why I get these limiting beliefs when you don’t want them. You know they are not constructive but still they somehow get into your mind. Why?

This is because your belief is built around knowledge you are receiving from the world. You have been told that there is universe out there and it is universe that shape reality. And even more, you get evidence for these beliefs every day. Your subconscious mind is getting same message every day and this is how you get limiting beliefs in your mind.

How To Get Rid of These Limiting Beliefs?

If you want to live happy and successful life then you have to get rid of limiting beliefs. There is great program called Instant Switch that is basically created to help you in removing limiting beliefs with just the flip of mind switch. I recently wrote my review on Instant Switch program that you can read at the homepage of this site.


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